/* -- The root styles must go in the element of the structure with the name "Menu". --*/
  /* The styles are applying to the last menu item and giving it the button styles, you can change the background color value to the one you want instead of "var(--neutral)". */
.header-1__menu {
    /* Selecting only the children of "bricks-nav-menu". */
    .bricks-nav-menu > .menu-item {
        /* The styles will apply only to the child of the last element with the class "menu-item".  */
        &:last-child a {
            background-color: var(--neutral);
            color: var(--white);
            padding: var(--space-xs) var(--space-m);
            border-radius: var(--radius-xs);

            /* Button hover style */
            &:hover {
                background-color: var(--neutral-trans-90);
                color: var(--white);